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This survey was carried out in order to get information on what 15 to 17 year old judokas are expecting and difficulties teachers are encountering with this age category. By comparing both sides, we wish to suggest some situations that are likely to bring about progressive solutions.

According to very different teenagers' expectations of judo, we just tried to lead teenagers towards more autonomy and to take the responsibilities of their own choices.

Richness of our activity enables every teenager to become an adult.

The contract seems to facilitate the relationship between trainers and trainees because it enables to take into account personal evolutions.

At the end of this work, we are aware that some weaknesses prevail and that some chapters should be further developed while others are lacking.

We nevertheless hope that it can be a useful tool for our colleagues. They should understand teenagers better and progress should be made possible.

The contents are just suggestions and must be adapted to every teacher's personality to be included.

Every day, judo teachers notice how wide the leisure environment is for teenagers. This outside appeal is another reason to stand up : judo is a serious hobby that efficiently contribues to build teenagers' personalities.

Is it not our best fight ?

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